Thursday 19 March 2020

Check out settings from Sandbox VR's Away Mission VR game

Last year brought us the latest Star Trek VR game, Sandbox VR's Star Trek: Discovery - Away Mission. The game has players join a landing party from the USS Discovery on missions to several different locales, with help form Silvia Tilly, and hindrance from the Klingons.

VR experience artist Cola River was the art producer on the game, and worked on just about every aspect of it, including concepts, level, character, prop, and scene design, lighting, effects, rendering... Well basically everything! He has now shared some of his work from the game on his Art Station portfolio, giving a great clean look at what went into the virtual reality experience. Continue below to check it out:

River has shared sets of images looking at several of locations in the game. My favourite is a shuttle bay littered with crashed shuttles and work bees:

On the Discovery it seems a great deal of effort went into make the transporter room look right out of the show, as you can see in these impressive renderings:

That is where players meet Sylvia Tilly, seen here, and of course voice in the game by Mary Wiseman:

Here's some more character designs for the game; I believe players can craft their own looks:

And here's a couple of ships you'll encounter, the Discovery of course, but also the Malachowski class USS Cousteau:

Part of the mission see the landing party visit an ice moon, with some lovely sci-fi visuals. And another crashed shuttle!

And on this moon the landing party also visit an ice cave:

You can see many more images from each of these settings in the series of original posts on River's ArtStation portfolio, here, here, here, here, and here!

And if you want to check out the game yourself, visit the SandboxVR website to find out where you can find it. You can also check out my previous article for earlier previews for the game.

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