Friday 6 March 2020

More Borg attack the Kelvin timeline in latest Fleet Command missions

Scopely have released an action packed new narrative trailer for their current Borg arc in the Kelvin timeline video game Fleet Command. Continue below for more updates from the game, but first, check out the trailer:

Here's how Scopely describe the next stage in the Borg arc, a series of monthly events unfolding int he game:
Introducing a new set of missions for the Borg Arc. Actively participate in the Borg Invasion event to gain access to new missions. The Downward Spiral mission chain will bring the players on a disastrous journey through the beginning of the Borg invasion. Commanders will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Vi’dar in the Unleashed arc. Follow the story of this immensely powerful independant ship of Romulan origin which has broken free of its chains to fight alongside you against the Borg threat. The Borg Collective are coming, Commander. How far are you willing to go to stop them?
To progress to the next stages of the Borg arc you will need to acquire Transwarp Cells to move into Borg occupied space. Once there you'll encounter a new type of Borg ship, the Borg Tactical Probe.
If you can defeat these, you will be able to claim Inert Nano Probes, which you can later trade in for upgrades to Borg officers, or the new ship being introduced.

That ship is the Vi'dar, which as described above has "broken free of its chains" to join the fight against the Borg - Makes it sound like an AI. And the design is clearly drawn from the Narada; is the game playing on the Borg origins of that other Romulan vessel in this story I wonder?

Finally for this update, Scopely have been showing off some of the other ships from the game by releasing beauty shots on their social media. Here are their versions of the Romulan Valdore, Klingon K'tinga, and Federation USS Newton:

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