Monday 23 July 2018

Eaglemoss ships previews: Next Discovery ships, XL Defiant and Reliant, and more!

Eaglemoss have released a whole bunch of new images of forthcoming models in their Starships Collections, including new XL and special models, and bonus and regular issues! Continue below to check them all out.

But first, via the Hero Collector blog, we have lots of new images of the fifth and sixth issues of the Discovery collection. Issue five will be the four-nacelled Nimitz class USS Europa:

And this will be followed by Discovery's new Vulcan cruiser:

Series manager Ben Robinson also recently tweeted an interesting note explaining why the USS Kerala was chosen for the Shepard class release, instead of the more prominently featured USS Gagarin:
For those asking why we did the Kerala rather the Gagarin. We got the VFX model after Ep 2 aired. That version is the Kerala John Eaves intention was there would be subtle differences in the Gagarin (at the back of the saucer) but we didn’t have that model and didn’t know if the changes got made by the CG team or not. (Eaves didn’t either, btw). I prefer the Gagarin style registry but didn’t want to risk doing a model that might be wrong in another way.

Moving onto the XL series, the US Eaglemoss online shop and US XL subscriber site have recently been updated with listings for the USS Defiant, including lots of new images of that model:

Eaglemoss have also recently released a new 360 for this model:

A later issue in the XL series, which we've only seen one photo of so far, is the USS Reliant and that was among the models on display at Eaglemoss' booth at the San Diego Comic Con, giving us another look at what appears to be a real stand-out release in the series - This image is from Awesome Toy Blog's gallery from the booth.

Also at Comic Con was the next special issue, the USS Kobayashi Maru, which we have seen a bit more of, but not from these angles (via Awesome Toy Blog and ToyArk)

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More ships we've only seen one image of so far are the next couple of bonus issues, the Rick Sternbach concept USS Voyager, and landing mode Klingon Bird of Prey. (Images again via Awesome Toy Blog and ToyArk)

Finally, issue 126, the Niagara class USS Princeton is the latest regular issue to make its way to the US Eaglemoss shop, giving us a couple of new images of that model too:

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For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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