Sunday 1 July 2018

Rubies and Trevco Discovery costumes and props revealed

Rubies, makers of fancy dress costumes for Star Trek and so many other series have now added Star Trek: Discovery to their range, with multiple options for Starfleet uniforms, and bunch of aliens in the planning too. Continue below to check out their offering, plus some alternate costuming options from Trevco.

The top tier of their offering are the full deluxe level uniforms, which include jackets, trousers, and boot tops (complete with a rather garish rendition of the metallic soles!)

Listings for these are just starting to appear on Amazon, although they're not actually in stock yet. So far you can see the command version of the uniform in male or female cuts, but as you can see from the Rubies catalogue below, they do plan to offer science and operations versions too.

The current listings are also at unusually high price points for Rubies costumes, which are normally pretty low even for a full costume like these, so hopefully by the time they actually come into stock the price will have dropped to something closer to what you'd expect for a line which isn't quite as screen accurate as Anovos's perfect replicas!

The jackets from this version of the uniform are also going to be offered separately, and Amazon do have listings for all of these already, although again not actually in stock yet...

If you're not worried about the fine detailing and want to go in at a lower price point, they are also offering a more basic version of the uniform top with all printed details (even the collar has been simplified down to a print). This will also be available for all departments.

As well as costumes, Rubies are also going to be offering props, including a phaser. At the moment listings for their phaser use a 2D illustration, so its hard to say what the final product will look like, but typically Rubies' phasers are pretty well shaped, but offered in garish colours (to make it clear they're not real guns; which I suppose is why the not-so-gun-like TNG version gets to stay real colours).

Rubies phasers do often feature sound effects, so will have some play value, and with the McFarlane Toys version of the Discovery phaser currently on hold this could be the only way to get a Discovery phaser, other than the high-end Anovos replica, for some time.

Rubies are also planning a communicator, and if they get a move on could well be the first to market for that particular Discovery prop.

Rubies have plans beyond Starfleet too; their catalogue also suggests they intend to do a Harry Mudd costume, which would include his jacket, belt and holster, and time crystal controlling wristband. Plus they're working on a set of Sarek's robes.

Of course they're also looking at Klingons, and at the time they published their catalogue were planning on doing costumes for Voq and T'Kuvma, as well as masks and gloves to match. I'll be interested to see how well they can pull off these elaborate costumes, or if any Klingon weapon props follow!

If you're really keen to dress up like a Klingon there are already options though, as back in November Trevco expanded their range of sublimated print tops to include several Klingon costumes. The all over prints are even available in long-sleeve T-shirt form, to give the full upper-body costume. So far you can get T'Kuvma, L'Rell, and Voq.

 There are also short sleeve T-shirt versions available if you prefer.

And finally, veering away from costumes, Trevco also added a couple of more general Discovery designs to their sublimated print range; one featuring the USS Discovery, and another using a piece of Discovery promo art. Both are available in several different garment types.

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LauraZena said...

The uniform looks great, but the "boots" are HORRIBLE! If someone is willing to spend almost $200 on a Star Trek uniform, I think they would also buy a nice pair of shoes/boots to go with it. The "boots" make the uniform look like an adult onesie. What were they thinking?!

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