Friday 27 July 2018

More Discovery coming to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online already has a handful of Discovery ships available, but is soon to dive much deeper into the setting of the series, with new story content from the Discovery era in their latest expansion, Age of Discovery, which will include Mary Wiseman playing Cadet Sylvia Tilly in the game. Here's how they describe the new content, due to launch this autumn:
Age of Discovery opens in the year 2256, just after the Battle at the Binary Stars. In the wake of a brutal war against the Klingons, Starfleet Captains must face J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma, who seeks to alter the destiny of the Alpha Quadrant. Players will need to rely on the help of fellow Starfleet Academy Cadet Syliva Tilly (played by Discovery actress Mary Wiseman), who has come home to assist with training and see them off on their first assignment. From there, they will journey to iconic locations from Star Trek: Discovery, like the Dilithium Mines of Corvan II, explore the new experimental Crossfield class Starship, the U.S.S. Glenn, and defend Starbase 1 from a fearsome attack by the Klingon House of D’Ghor.

Interesting point there is the Klingon J'Ula was first established in the Discovery comic, The Light of Kahless; nice tie-in continuity there! Here's a trailer:

This will also include some new Discovery based training missions for new players to the game:
The first installment from Age of Discovery will introduce a reimagined starting experience that allows players to create a Federation character from the Discovery era. The update also includes two new episodes for Starfleet Academy cadets, a new Task Force Operation to defend Starbase 1, and new reputations that expand the game’s Reputation System to Tier 6 and unlock powerful new rewards.
TrekMovie have posted a few images from this too, including a look at the STO version of the new Klingons:

In other STO news, the game recently upgraded its Excelsior class, with a new series of screen-accurate models by Tobias Richter. This follows the upgrade of Deep Space 9 with Richter's highly accurate model earlier in the year.

And finally in an interesting bit of Star Trek synergy, Eaglemoss have started posting behind the scenes starship design articles for STO ships on their Hero Collector blog. So far they've taken a close look at the Cardassian Detapa class and Jem'Hadar Vanguard heavy raider.

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