Sunday 22 July 2018

QMx reveal Captain Georgiou action figure, Discovery phaser, and more

At the San Diego Comic Con Qmx had lots of Star Trek stuff on display, including several new items. Among them is the latest in their range of 1/6th scale action figures, and their first Discovery character in that range, Captain Georgiou. Like all the other figures in the range Georgiou features a meticulously detailed cloth uniform, and in this case an interesting combination of sculpted hair with a "real" hair ponytail. Images via ToyArk and (who both have more to see from the QMx booth).

QMx have previewed many figures in this range before, and indeed did again at this Comic Con, but only a few have made it to market so far, so it could be a bit of a wait until the good captain arrives.

Also completely new this year is the Discovery phaser replica, which as you'd expect from QMx looks very accurate indeed. Incredibly this is the fourth company trying to bring a Discovery phaser to market, and I would suspect will come in at a comfortable mid-point between Anovos' very high end replica, and the McFarlane Toys and Rubies toy end of the scale (if the McFarlane one ever makes it to market, it's currently been put on hold). This image of the new QMx version via Awesome Toy Blog.

Also on display (not for the first time though) was a new Star Trek Beyond phaser, which would complete the set nicely with QMx's previous releases based on the ever tweaked designs from Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. This would be the first release of this particular variant, which Anovos did plan to release a couple of years ago, but appear to have cancelled in the end. This image and the next again via Awesome Toy Blog.

Finally we have out first look at the Worf Mini Master statue. This will be available in the seemingly perpetually delayed second Star Trek Mission Crate from Loot Crate whenever it is eventually released, but will also be available to buy separately later.

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