Friday 20 July 2018

Diamond Select Toys reveal USS Enteprise-C, plus Kelvin timeline and Borg figures!

Diamond Select Toys recently teased they have a whole load of new Star Trek stuff in development, and they've not disappointed in revealing several of those hitherto mysterious products at the San Diego Comic Con. They have announced several new action figures. But first...

A new ship! On target to join the Starships Legends range of electronic starships with lights and sounds, is the USS Enterprise-C, which plugs a gap in DST's near complete series of Enterprise's (as Eaglemoss have shown us, you can find a lot of Enterprises if you try, but DST will now be covering all the main ones). DST are hoping to have this shipping in 2019. Images below come via and Toy News International, who both have more to see in their respective galleries:

But where's the Reliant I hear you yell... Well, not here yet! In fact, as previously reported, DST apparently have two new ships they expect to release before the Reliant, so we can look forward to another new reveal too at some point - They said they weren't counting variants in that number, so I'm sure we can expect a battle damaged Enterprise-C on top of that as well at some point! Maybe the next new items could be a clue to possible coming ship?

Because yes also on display are DST's first ever Kelvin timeline products! Captain Kirk and Spock were revealed, and surprisingly they've gone for Star Trek Into Darkness (rather than more recent Star Trek Beyond) versions of the characters. Both will be part of the Star Trek Select range, and come with accessories including phasers with phaser-blast attachments! These two are expected to arrive as soon as December this year! Images of these come via TrekMovie and, who again have more to offer in their galleries.

Finally, also coming to the Star Trek Select range is a figure we've known has been in the works for some time, but are only now getting to see, the new Borg. This is a generic drone, with two different heads to choose from, and optional arm attachments too (which sadly are only displayed next to the figure rather than on the arm; I suspect it will look much cooler with that bit of added technology and asymmetry). This chap will be turning up winter next year. Images via ToyArk and

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Shadowknight1 said...

Funny thing, those Kirk and Spock figures. They said a while back that they didn't have the license to do products from the Kelvin Timeline, which was why they hadn't done the Enterprise yet. But now...could an actual, affordable, great toy of the KT USS Enterprise be on the horizon?? I certainly hope so! They Playmates one is a joke!

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