Monday 25 July 2016

QMx's USS Franklin, huge action figure range, and 50th anniversary goodies

Lots of news from QMx today, including their latest ship model, the USS Franklin, a huge range of action figures from TOS, TNG, and nuTrek, and all sorts of 50th anniversary memorabilia. Continue below to check it all out.

QMx have several different lines of starship models, ranging from the forthcoming smaller sized Mini Masters range, through to huge and highly detailed artisan replicas, and a few models in between. The latest addition to that offering, revealed with the display of a prototype at the San Diego Comic Con, is a replica of the USS Franklin. This appears to have much of the detailing and light features of the artisan replica range, but at a smaller scale than most of the ships released previously. (Images below via Toy Ark and Tomopop):

I strongly suspect QMx are also the makers of the smaller USS Franklin model coming with some Star Trek Beyond home video releases.

Also displayed at Comic Con were loads of new action figures in QMx's 1:6 scale collection. The Kirk and Spock figures which were previously announced and expected to ship any day now, are joined by Sulu, McCoy, and Scotty, as well as a captain's chair.

QMx have previously previewed a Captain Picard figure (not offered him for sale yet), and now the captain has been joined by Worf and Data:

There are also new Wrath of Khan Kirk and Spock figures (whose heads are not quite finished yet):

And one more Kirk, a Star Trek Beyond version:

The images above come variously from Toy Ark, Awesome Toy Blog, Tomopop, and All have large galleries with many more images of all the figures.

Meanwhile QMx have also added quite an extensive range of 50th anniversary memorabilia to their offering lately. That includes the 50th anniversary logo magnetic badge:

A 50th anniversary/Starfleet Academy pin:

A 50th anniversary/Starfleet Academy coin!

A 50th anniversary bandanna, featuring the USS Enterprise:

And a 50th anniversary art print, again featuring the Enterprise:

And they've also recently added a USS Enterprise luggage tag, or Q-tag as they brand it, to their range:


Unknown said...

Any idea on release dates for the Franklin and previous ships?

I hope the pricing is more achievable than the artisan range, those are incredible but beyond my reach sadly.

8of5 said...

No date indications yet. It looks similar size to the ringship, which was cheaper (but still not cheap), although that didn't have lights like this. So, I wouldn't be feeling optimistic about a low price!

Fox said...

I can't help but be a little bitter about the huge variety of accurately-molded starship models we have right now, when back when Trek was in its prime the models/toys/figures were almost universally awful. I remember saving for *months* to be able to afford a (cruelly marked-up at the local model shop) Playmates Ent-E, and then finally opening the box to discover... just a big lump of plastic rubbish.

Marko N. said...

So, were any of these ever actually released? Never seen it crop up anywhere online.

8of5 said...

Marko, don't think the Franklin ever was. All of the TOS TV-era figures shown here have been, and Picard, but not the rest (yet? Qmx seem to trickle stuff out every now and then still), all the odds and ends at the bottom of the article were available at time of publishing I think.

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