Friday 8 July 2016

Starships Collection updates: Enterprise-J and much more

It's been a while since I've posted an update on Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, and as a result I've got a bumper update below with loads of news and images of all the latest and forthcoming ships.

First up, fresh from series manager Ben Robinson's Twitter and Facebook, comes the first images of the long awaited USS Enterprise-J model - And what a beauty she is! I imagine this spindly 26th century design was a challenge to produce at this scale, but she's come out great. The issue number for this one hasn't been revealed yet, but if there's a prototype in hand it can't be too far on the horizon. Note, as ever with these early photos, this is not the final model, expect some tweaks to the colours.

Update, and here are a couple more shots! According to Ben we should expect this to arrive in January, which should mean it will be somewhere in the late-eighties/early-nineties in issue number.

Speaking of mysterious future issues, Ed Giddings, who has produced several of the new CGI models for the collection has recently updated his online portfolio with a number of ships not yet released. The elusive early Voyager ships appear to be coming, with a Vidiian ship among that gallery:

And one of the few Romulan designs left also appears to be on the way; the gallery has both the Romulan scout and science ships pictured. I wonder if we will get models of both variants, or if these will just be used to illustrate the magazine of just one of them? (I prefer the scout version personally.)

You can see more of these ships, and others models Giddings has made for the collection, on his website.

Posting on Twitter, Ben also offered hope that the Scimitar will be joining the collection at some point:
You don't need to petition for the Scimitar guys. I just need to work out how to do it! The original CG is lost and it's a tricky one...
I really hope a slot can be found for it as a special, I want a big version with the wings fully deployed!

Also mentioned on Twitter was the identity of the next two shuttlecraft, we can look forward to the Enterprise and TNG shuttlepods, and maybe more.
Definitely two more: TNG and Enterprise shuttle pods.
Much closer to release, several new issues have been solicited, which means new pictures of the models.

Due out in August (in the UK, with other markets following as the series runs behind around the world) is the Aeroshuttle, issue seventy-eight in the series. This will be the first ever model released of this quasi-canon design, which appeared in every episode of Voyager and none, eternally docked to the underside of the saucer.

Issue seventy-nine is Harry Mudd's class J ship, Stella, as seen in the remastered version of TOS, but no image of that model has been released yet. The cover of the magazine has though (which you can see a little further down the article).

Continuing a bit of a run of smaller ships in the series lately, issue eighty is the Federation scout ship from Insurrection. Another first ever model.

Issue eighty-one is the Xindi Reptilian ship. This will be the first model of this design released for retail - A smaller Attack Wing version has been available at organised play events, but the retail version which was announced appears to have been postponed or cancelled.

Issue-eighty-two is the Earth Starfleet delta ship, never before released as a model either.

And here are the preliminary covers for all of those, plus the elusive Harry Mudd ship.

Out already is the second mirror universe ship in the series, released as a stand-alone extra to the regular run, the ISS Enterprise NX-01.

Other recently released ships are now listed on Eaglemoss' online shop, with plenty of new images to illustrate. Making it's UK debut at the end of April was the Klingon Transport (issue seventy-one), another never before made as a model design.

Issue seventy-two was the first repaint in the regular run of the series, the USS Enterprise-A.

The Renegade Borg ship followed.

And the Bajoran Raider was issue seventy-four. For a ship I was really not that bothered about I found this one to be a notably pleasing model.

Of course it's not just the ships Eaglemoss do, they have an ever growing collection of dedication plaques. The most recent releases are the Enterprise NX-01 and Enterprise-F.

Also newly available are two new binder designers for your magazines. One features Federation ships, while the other has a variety of aliens. Interestingly both feature ships that have not yet been announced as issues in the series - The same Vidiian ship as the renderings on the top of the article appears on the aliens one, as does a Borg Cube, which we've only got as a low detail subscription bonus so far. While the Federation fleet includes a Saratoga type Miranda class variant. Could these be joining the collection soon I wonder?

Finally, the latest multi-ship pack has been released, this one collects the early Enterprises, NX-01, NCC-1701, NCC-1701-A, and NCC-1701-B.

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the news for the (German) collectors, I wrote you via Twitter:

- There was a leak for not revealed collection models at (Fabio Passaro) too, with the Planet of the Titans Enterprise Phase II Concept, the U.S.S. Ahwahnee (Cheyenne-class), the U.S.S. Jenolan (Sydney-class) and the 4-nacelled Excelsior concepts. Twitter-Link 1

- The second shuttle was delivered for the premium subscribers with issue 36/37 (those who got #2 with the first delivery, got now the #1 and vise versa). Twitter-Link 2

- Price raised for a issue from 14.99€ to 15.99€ (Austria from 15.99€ to 16.99). Twitter-Link 3

- Well, and that we only got the info about the Scimitar, because of my (luckily now useless) Scimitar-petition. Twitter-Link 4

Anonymous said...

PS: It looks like they raised the price for the german special issues too.

Because the MU I.S.S. Enterprise NX-01 is (falsely as "special"?!) listed with 31,99€ instead of 29,99€ for a average special issue.

Gojirasaurus said...

Agreed. That 1701-J should be a special, but it looks pretty good even at this scale. :)

Unknown said...

I'm really disappointed the refitted NX-01 was made a special issue but NOT the 1701-J. Regardless, it looks great and a must buy.

Gojirasaurus said...


stevenjocb said...

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Anonymous said...

I think the J should be a special issue to empathize it's scale (2 miles/3.2 km)-(No I do not mean it has to really be 2 miles xD) and the fact it's the only one of Enterprise. The Bassard collectors should also be light orange rather than yellow:

Another reason a larger scale might be better is because of the thin nacelle struts being so thin making them easier to break on the model. This is just my opinion you don't have to agree with anything but I thought I'd just add my cents, literally. I mean the J is my favorite ship in Star Trek and I'd definitely be willing to pay for a larger and high-quality model.

If anyone's intrested, here is Doug Drexler having an interview on the Enterprise-J. Enjoy. :)

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