Wednesday 13 July 2016

Latest Star Trek Beyond posters

With barely a week to go until the release of Star Trek Beyond the marketing machine is at full throttle, including a steady stream of new poster designs and variants. Continue below for a look at all the latest:

Released by Imax is a special Star Trek Beyond Imax poster, and variation on the soaring through the clouds look the main poster.

Jaylah now has no less than three posters dedicated to her! The latest is based on that amusing (and apparently improvised on set) moment where she stakes a claim to the captain's chair on the USS Franklin.

Here's the artwork sans titles:

One of the other Jaylah posters got a little French make-over in a patriotic tie-in to the the finals of the Euro football competition.

The international poster can be found in semi-3D form in cinemas across the land, giving a bit of an oddly jaunty look. (Image via Picture House Central)

There's also a Spock variant of that poster floating around.

And it's even been spotted on the side of a London bus (via Visonary Trek)

And that's not the only bus, the US poster can be seen driving around New York (via
Brecht Bug)

Star Trek Beyond will be arriving in cinemas around the world from the end of next week. To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page, and see the relevant pages on Trek Collective Archives to find all the trailers, posters, and promotional stills too.

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