Monday 18 July 2016

Air Hogs USS Enterprise-A quadcopter hits the skies

The new Air Hogs remote controlled USS Enterprise-A quadcopter from Spin Master is available now. The rather ingeniously designed model uses a hollowed out version of the saucer section to house the propellers inside. It also feature light and sound functions. Continue after the jump for more images and a video of it in action.

Here's some snazzy renderings too:

Here's Air Hog's promotional video:

This is just the latest, and probably most precisely controllable, flying Star Trek starship model. I've compiled a Trek Collective List of the previous efforts, which including frisbees, remote control and hand thrown gliders, balloons, and rockets!

Meanwhile Paramount have got themselves a much bigger version. As part of the promotion for Star Trek Beyond they supplied Youtuber Zach King with a hug blimb version of the Enterprise

He used it to make this quite surreal video.


mark bernero said...

The ENT blimp would look a lot better without the sec. hull and nacelles as a UFO!

Anonymous said...

Stupid idea

Unknown said...

The Air Hogs USS is one of the best quadcopter. It is the flying Star Trek starship model. Most of the people always consider it as a fun.

tim mark said...
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