Saturday 18 June 2016

The Bradford Exchange's Star Trek collectors plates

The Bradford Exchange, makers of all sorts of collectables, have released several new Star Trek collectors plates to mark the 50th anniversary. Continue below to check them out:

Commemorating the series' dates on either side of the 50th anniversary logo, and described as the "Premiere Collectible", is a round plate, featuring all the main cast. For the golden anniversary, this twelve inch porcelain plate features a twenty-two karet gold trim, including a quote from the oening monologue, more Starfleet deltas, and a braid design inspired by the captain's rank on the uniform sleeves. This is a limited edition of five-thousand pieces.

For a more substantial display, they have also released (what they gloriously alliteratively describe as) a "Porcelain Plate Panorama", titled The Exploration. Four five-by-seven inch plates form a single image, which again features all the main crew, as well as still from several notable episodes. They all sit together on a bespoke display stand.

And finally, released last year to commemorate the passing of Leonard Nimoy, is the Spock-focused Live Long and Prosper plate. The sixteen-and-a-half inch wide plate comes in a oval frame, and is also a limited edition of five-thousand pieces.


Anonymous said...

Do people still buy these?

mark bernero said...

I know I won't -- they're way too expensive!

Andrea Stoeckel said...

Are you serious? I paid less than $20US for the 40th plate....$149US I'm not boldly going near it....sorry

8of5 said...

"I'm not boldly going near it" - Best comment for ages!

Someone must buy them as Bradford Exchange keep making them, but clearly no one who cares to comment here!

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