Monday 8 February 2016

First look at Eaglmoss' Romulan shuttle, mirror NX-01, and more!

Lots of updates from Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection today, including news of mirror universe, TOS remastered, and Star Trek Beyond ships, as well as the latest dedication plaques, and more.

First up is the first look at the Romulan shuttle model. We've known this one was on the way for a while, and while we still don't have an issue number, the fact we can see the model already surely means it's not too far off. Series manager Ben Robinson posted the first image here on Twitter, while Trek effects artist Doug Drexler shared another shot Ben sent him on Facebook:

Ben also hinted on Twitter that there are more Romulan ships to come - There aren't many designs that could be, but Ben hinted at the Romulan scout ship from The Defector.

Also seen for the first time via Ben's Twitter is the second mirror universe variant, the ISS Enterprise NX-01. Like the previous ISS Enterprise NCC-1701, this will be a regular sized issue, but available outside the normal run of issues. Ben says this should be arriving in a couple of months.

Not quite as far along is the scout ship from Insurrection. Like all the Insurrection ships, Eaglemoss are having to rebuild the models, as the original CG assets are lost. This rendering, again from Ben, shows the ship without any texturing, but still oodles of detail!

In other updates from Ben, the following ships, all of which Ben has hinted at before, have been confirmed to be in the currently planned 110 issue run of the series: Voyager's Aeroshuttle, the Aurora, the Gorn ship from Arena, and the Orion ship from Journey to Babel. All but the Aeroshuttle are new designs created for the remastered version of TOS.

Curiously, despite having previously suggested there is a new CG model of the Soyuz class in the works, when asked about it more recently Ben has suggested it might not make it to the 110 issues (maybe he's just saving it for the third extension to the series?!). Another not in the 110, but of interest to Ben it seems, is the Xindi superweapon.

Perhaps among the most anticipated ships that will definitely be on the way this year are those from Star Trek Beyond. Ben has previously mentioned he has already seen three designs from the film, and following the reveal of the USS Franklin (which he noted that "the finished ship looks a little different") he mentioned the Enterprise is one of them - Given Eaglemoss have already done the nuTrek Enterprise, hopefully this wont be a reissue with minor changes... maybe a post-crash refit, or surely not an Enterprise-A already?

One other note on the ships front: When the Academy training ship was shown recently you might have noticed it rather oddly featured a Cobra logo, borrowed from the world of G.I. Joe. Alas, while this is accurate to the original miniature, Hasbro have asked for it not to be present on the new model.

Eaglemoss do more than little models of ships too. They also have a growing series of dedication plaque reproductions. The latest, now available to order from the Eaglemoss online shop, is that of the original USS Enterprise.

Ben also shared a photo on Twitter of the NX-01 plaque and box, so this one will probably be on the way soon too.

Finally, the latest issue released was number sixty-five, the Xindi Aquatic cruiser. Now listed on Eaglemoss' online shop too, here are a couple of new photos:

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Gojirasaurus said...

Glad that it will come, and kudos to Doug, but the Romulan scout is far more elegant than this shuttle.

What with its Space Shuttle influences, the scout has a more imposing sleek visage, while the shuttle's busy organic touches lack the usual predatory direction. Rather than a Falcon, we get a Kiwi. I know it's pared down from the inspired D'deridex, and the shuttle retains some aspects, but loses more than it retains, and gains a Cylon look head-on to boot.

So, I'm more pleased by Ben's hint of the scout coming, and hope maybe the science ship will follow.

Still, have to acknowledge the shuttle came from, arguably, the best DS9 episode ever written, and with my favorite Romulan next to Mark Lenard (I'm still stunned they didn't have McHattie back as Vreenak after that performance...somehow)

As for that trainer, I foresee another decal set on eBay. :)

mark bernero said...

The mirror NX-01 is lacking the dark gray decor on the hull and looks to light in color for the mirror universe. I will pass on this one as my Johnny Lightning one looks quite a bit better!

mark bernero said...

I do like the Romulan shuttle. I think it's kind of cute!

Fox said...

Keep in mind that the Romulan shuttle's design was hampered by the episode's script--it had to be approximately the same size as a runabout with approximately the same dimensions.

Given those constraints, I Think it turned out fairly well.

Gojirasaurus said...

You know, even with those constraints, I still don't agree.

It's that nose that's out of sorts in scale with the rest, more than anything. Doug should have dropped the idea of invoking the D'deridex in this design given the size limitation. The scout and science ships are scaled down, and still look far better.

Even the evolutionary Valdore is an about face from this plumper look, and gains all that's lost here. Yes, I know that's a ship vs a shuttle, but you know John (Eaves) reviewed previous Romulan designs before settling on what they did, and I think the shuttle's design was that last push to get away from the past.

No ire directed towards EM, though. I just wish the scout was here first. :)

eco186 said...

Guess it really comes down to personal preference, I really like the shuttle, more so than the scout and science ships which to me just seem too blocky. When it comes down to it it's pretty fantastic that it looks like we're going to get every romulan ship there is.

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