Thursday 11 February 2016

DST shows off their Romulan Bird of Prey

Ahead of the New York Toy Fair Diamond Select Toys have previewed several of their new products which will be on display, including shiny new images of the next model in the Starship Legends range of electronic starships, the TOS Romulan Bird of Prey.

Here's how DST describe it:
A Diamond Select Toys release! For the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, DST is going back where it all began, to the original Star Trek television series, to make a brand-new ship in the Starship Legends line! With its low profile and its distinctive underbelly markings, the Romulan Bird of Prey is as menacing and mysterious as the Romulan Empire it served. Measuring 9 inches long with a wingspan of 12 inches, the Bird of Prey features dialogue and sound effects taken straight from the original television series, as well as lights that are activated with the sounds, and can also be turned on permanently. The ship is packaged in a 50th anniversary-branded, full-color window box, with a Try-Me feature that allows buyers to try out the lights and sounds. Designed by Art Asylum!
There's no release date for this one yet, but it should be arriving some time this year. UPDATE: Entertainment Earth now have this up for pre-order, expecting an October release.

For a look back at the other ships that have preceded it, check out my Trek Collective List for the Starship Legends series.


mark bernero said...

Where is the battery cover? It appears this was photoshopped to conceal what would be a visual detraction from the bird pattern on the bottom. I would rather build the Polar Lights kit and have NO battery cover or screw!

Fox said...

Well, there's certainly something up with those images. There are no visible seams, buttons, switches, screw covers or screws.

Not sure I'd recommend a Polar Lights kit over it, though. My experience with AMT models has just been universally negative... in the extreme (especially compared to Bandai's model kits). TBH, the ideal BoP is the (absolutely fantastic) Eaglemoss model.

Sastrei said...

It's a design sheet guys, of course it's not going to have all the nitty gritty details.

mark bernero said...

I am fairly experienced with AMT models -- I know that I have to use an overcoat to seal the decals before they are used or they will break apart! I have the Johnny Lightning BOP and it is great and I also will get the EM one as well. I prefer a more white appearance to the ship
than Gray, so I'm willing to get the kit.

Unknown said...

The actual filming model was 2 tone and the nacelle caps glowed blue IIRC.

Unknown said...

The actual filming model was 2 tone and the nacelle caps glowed blue IIRC.

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