Monday 15 February 2016

The USS Enterprise-A will soon fly as a quadcopter

At the New York Toy Fair this weekend Spin Master have revealed the latest offering in their Air Hogs range of remote control vehicles, a glorious new quadcopter version of the USS Enterprise-A. Here's how they describe in in their Toy Fair press release:
The Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise drone allows users to patrol the neutral zone with the iconic NCC-1701A model. It features an integrated light system, authentic sounds, advanced drone technology and a 50th anniversary collector’s display stand. Age: 10+, MSRP $129.99 USD

I think they've done a remarkable job in maintaining the look and details of the Enterprise while somehow getting a quadcopter inside it! Continue below for more images, and a video of it in action!

If you squint at this back view you can also get look at the box art:

UPDATE: have added a few shots of this model in their gallery from the Toy Fair, including a clear image of the box:

And this is the controller.

Above images come via Gizmodo's Toyland and Millionaire Playboy. Meanwhile there is also a video of the Enterprise drone in action, captured, surreptitiously, at the Nuremberg Toy Fair a couple of weeks ago:

While not the first remote control flying starship, I think it is certainly the most impressive, in both flight abilities and maintaining the design of the ship. It has been preceded by Tyco's remote control fliers, and rocket-powered models from Estes, as well as hand powered options in the form of Playmates gliding Enterprise-D and ThinkGeek's glorious Enterprise frisbee.


Gojirasaurus said...

I understand the constraints, but there's too much loss in structure to be aesthetically pleasing to me. The homemade 1701-D plane from that guy in Poland seemed much better without the tradeoffs (It helped that the Galaxy class is more aerodynamic, too).

I think I'd sooner want the props and rotors in clear plastic on clear pylons extending from an intact painted 1701-A (or even pre-refit) model. I'm sure that was was considered and rejected by the mfgr, and maybe others, but I'd prefer that take on a flyable 1701 drone or none at all.

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I have NEVER got the hang of Air Hogs,but this I would gladly buy for display (maybe the occasional flight as well)! Looks epic!

Unknown said...


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