Monday 29 February 2016

More details of the Battle of Wolf 359 ships revealed

A couple of months ago Star Trek production artist Rick Sternbach shared a few photos of the rarely seen miniatures of the ships seen wrecked following the Battle of Wolf 359 in TNG's The Best of Both Worlds. These ships are barely more than blobs in the episode, and better yet these photos show them before they were distressed with battle damaged, letting us scrutinise the unique designs like never before. And now Rick has posted even more! Continue below to have another good look at those little known ships.

Perhaps the most interesting thing revealed in these latest photos is the underside of the Springfield class USS Chekov. I can't say I love this ship from the top, but from the bottom it's pretty cool, and pleasingly reminiscent of the Oberth class.

One of my favourite Wolf 359 ships is the New Orleans class, the USS Kyushu, and we get a couple of new views of this too. Pleasingly we'll all be able to examine this ship from every angle soon, as it's due to be included in The Official Starships Collection.

My other favourite is the four-nacelled Cheyenne class, the USS Ahwahnee:

The Challenger class USS Buran is one of the odder designs, with a long thing secondary hull stretching right out of the back of the saucer and nacelles top and bottom. The side view is perhaps the oddest!

Finally Wolf 359 was also the genesis of the Nebula class in the form of the USS Melbourne, which has two pairs of nacelles in different sizes.

Be sure to check out the previous images for even more views of all these ships. If you're interested in behind-the-scenes stuff, Rick also sells reproductions of his artwork, including quite extensive documents detailing many of the ships he has worked on, available on eBay.

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