Thursday 18 February 2016

Mega Bloks reveal more Star Trek playsets, and Kubrons figures

Coinciding with the recent New York Toy Fair, Mega Bloks have revealed several more sets in their forthcoming Star Trek construction toy range. There are several sets based on specific episodes, as well as key locations, plus a newly revealed range of brick-build figurines. Continue below to check them out (images via Mega Bloks and

The new play-sets include this rather nice rendition of the bridge:

One of the smaller sets is based on The City on the Edge of Forever, featuring a brick-built Guardian of Forever with a little landing party.

Following a similar format there is also a Day of the Dove set, including two Klingons and a little console.

The rest of the TOS range has been previously announced, but seen here from a new angles. We have the Mirror, Mirror version of the transporter room; when this set was first revealed it was suggested it would featuring glow in the dark panels, and also reversible sections to make it convertible into the prime universe transporter room too.

At another scale there's this neat model of the Klingon D7

And then the most impressive of the range, the huge USS Enterprise, which will apparently be made of over three-thousand pieces!

Newly announced at the Toy Fair, Mega Bloks revealed a new concept in construction toys, brick built stylised figurines (kind of like the construction toy equivalent of Funko's Pop! vinyl figures). Funko are pulling from many of their licenses to built this collection of characters, and the line-up below is apparently series one, including Star Trek's Spock.

Several other characters were shown at the Toy Fair. Joining Spock are the first TNG sets from Mega Bloks, Worf and Captain Picard figures. (Images via Wildcard Toys, Toy Ark, and

That's Picard hiding behind Ripley from Aliens there, in fact he is shooting a Xenomorph just out of the frame! Also shown at Toy Fair was the packaging, appropriately cuboid:

For more views of the TOS range, check out my previous report of display's from last year's New York Comic Con.

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