Monday 19 November 2012

Latest novel blurbs

The Simon and Schuster digital catalogue has been updated with some new blurbs for the most recently announced 2013 novels. They are very brief, and sound a lot like the general outlines for the stories so far described by the authors, so don't tell us a lot. Except that is for the blurb for David R. George III's DS9 anniversary novel, Revelations and Dust, which seems to suggest the series it is a part of, The Fall, spans the 24th century continuity, and does so in a new way for a Trek crossover series:
The Federation is rocked to its core as the Typhon Pact is suspected of being behind a barbarous act that shatters the fragile peace of the Alpha Quadrant. An original Star Trek novel, this is part of a five-book story arc that takes place over a sixty-day period, but it’s not necessary to read each novel in order to follow the storyline, which involves all aspects of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine universes.

Here's the blurb for Christopher L. Bennett's new Enterprise novel, Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures:
The Romulans have retreated behind the Neutral Zone, but can the fragile alliances that were forged in the heat of war hold? Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise are looking forward to easy service and returning to exploration—but history has other plans as they face a greater challenge.

And finally Dayton Ward's 20th century TOS adventure, From History's Shadow:
Set in the Original Series universe, this standalone story utilizes 1950s UFO paranoia, the Cold War, and the escalating “space race” of the 1960s as a backdrop for a Star Trek tale in a vein similar to that of the New York Times bestselling Eugenics Wars duology.

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