Thursday 1 November 2012

Latest ThinkGeek Star Trek curiosities

ThinkGeek has added several new products to it's ever growing range of quirky Star Trek products in recent weeks: My favourite of the latest batch are the new TOS cookie cutters:

Here's a video of them in action:

For those of us facing a constant battle with junk-mail, there's the new mini Bat'leth letter opener:

As a member of the Klingon race, it can be hard to accept anything as 'too difficult'. A big issue a Klingon male faces is a test of his fine motor skills. We are killing machines, fighters; we are vastly more concerned with a warrior's life, tlhIngan maH! But, when left alone and the mail has arrived, opening a letter proves to be more difficult than ghang love. But, thanks to the Bat'leth Letter Opener, we can attack these letters with the ferocity of a true warrior.

The Star Trek Bat'leth Letter Opener is, first and foremost, sharp, sharper than the tongue that first spoke Hab SoSII' Quch! Made of stainless steel, the blood of conquered envelopes won't ruin this weapon, nor will it bend to a mighty foe. It's also super neat that they come with a resin cast display stand! Ehhem... nuqjatlh?
Here it is in action, and also a demonstration for its alternative use in pest control:

For living room commanders the inflatable captain's chair, previously released at child scale is now available as a proper full sized adult verion.

And finally, ready to fill the default Christmas present niche, are the new Star Trek socks; you get three pairs, one in each TOS division colour:

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