Sunday 25 November 2012

First details of The Stuff of Dreams

James Swallow has blogged the first details of his forthcoming TNG ebook novella, The Stuff of Dreams. Here is his summary of the story:
When Captain Picard is summoned back to the mysterious space-time phenomenon known as the nexus, he and his crew become embroiled in a desperate plot to rewrite history, no matter what the cost.
Apparently he originally came up with the story as an idea for one of the Star Trek RPGs:
The story picks up a dangling narrative thread left over from the movie Star Trek Generations; originally I wrote it as the basis for a role-playing game scenario for the now-defunct ST:TNG RPG produced by Last Unicorn Games, and I’ve had it kicking around for several years. I realized that with some revision and expansion, it made a good basis for a novella...
The story focuses on Picard, and also features another character who is an old friend of Picard's. Expanding on his blog on the TrekBBS, Swallow noted that it was originally to be set before the Cold Equations trilogy, but once the release date was pushed back to after the release of the trilogy (March 2013) he made some revisions to have to take place after instead.

Swallow's post was presented in the format of the "Next Big Thing" meme, in which authors discuss, their next big things... Una McCormack has posted similar coverage of her recent Typhon Pact novel, Brinkmanship.

Dayton Ward has also posted about his forthcoming TOS novel, From History's Shadow. He revealed a connection with his previous short story on a similar subject, The Aliens Are Coming!:
Several years ago, I wrote a short story called “The Aliens Are Coming!” which touches on similar themes. I’ve always wanted to take a longer look at some of the ideas I put forth in that story. Consider this novel to be something of a prequel as well as an expansion of the storyline from that original short tale.
In addition to the Star Trek: Eugenics Wars novels Ward also cited the TV series Taken and Dark Skies as inspirations.


glen soikie said...

when is the next one and thanks for sharing

8of5 said...

The next ebook? novel?

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