Monday 19 November 2012

Star Trek gets crafty

It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a big year if you're a creative trekkie, with a host of craft and activity Star Trek books on the way:

Coming in June is The Star Trek Craft Book. The book is written by Angie Pedersen, who keeps herself busy with a variety of websites; you can find out more about her, here. She's also previously written several books on making scrapbooks. Here is the cover and blurb from the Simon and Schuster digital catalogue:

A collection of twenty-five fun and unique Star Trek–inspired crafts—from accessories to decor to toys—ideal for enterprising crafters of every skill level.

Featuring full-color photographs and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, this clever craft book puts a fresh spin on Captain Picard’s order to “make it so.” Now crafters of any skill level and Starfleet rank can create homemade Star Trek–inspired crafts.

These featured projects are fun, quirky, even practical—and include crocheting, embroidery, sewing, decoupage, stenciling, felting, and more. Detailed photographs of each completed craft are accompanied by an introduction, clear instructions, a list of supplies, and helpful crafting tips. Information and images from the original Star Trek episodes that inspired the crafts are intermingled throughout, making it an entertaining and instructive read.

Also out in June is the Star Trek Cross-Stitch book. This one is by John Lohman, a regular contributor to the delightfully quirky video game/craft blog, Sprite Stitch. Here are the cover and blurb, again from Simon and Schuster, for this one:

A collection of thirty cross-stich projects—created by Star Trek crafters—perfect for both die-hard Trekkies and enterprising crafters alike.

Ever wondered what Spock would look like on a baby’s onesie? Well, now you can view this fun and entertaining collection of thirty cross-stitch projects made with love from Star Trek fans. If you’re looking for ideas for putting your favorite Star Trek character on a tote bags or pillow—or perhaps making a lovely “Qo’noS Sweet Qo’noS” framed sign in the entryway to let everyone know that a Klingon-speaker lives here, then look no further. Star Trek Cross-Stitch not only showcases some of the fans’ biggest creations, it also includes pattern images and photos of every finished project in use by the creator themselves. Ten of the projects include alternate patterns as well, just in case you’d prefer to see another quotable phrase on your stitched bookmark, or a different cast of characters on your dish towel.

One we've known about for a little while, veteran Star Trek illustrator Joe Corroney's sticker book, Stuck on Star Trek, has now got itself a new cover. This is on the way from Universe Publishing in February:

Finally, if you cant wait until next year to get Trek-crafting, you're in luck, last month saw the release of Build the USS Enterprise, a paper-model kit with book, which seems to be exclusive to Barnes and Nobel. Looks like this:

If you're even more determined to make more Trek things, have a look at by Star Trek craft books list.

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Anonymous said...

The paper model Enterprise seems interesting...particularly because it has lights and sounds. That seems weird for a paper model.

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