Wednesday 2 December 2020

So many Star Trek pins! All the latest from FanSets, QMx, Numskull, and Forbidden Planet.

Looking for some Star Trek pins? Then continue below for all the latest designs from FanSets, including multiple Badgey pins, a Christmas design, new character and ship pins, and more! Plus a new range of TOS pins from Numskull, 32nd century Federation merch from Forbidden Planet, and QMx combadge reissues.

As previously reported, FanSets are continuing their annual tradition of a festive Star Trek pin with a Christmas themed Badgey this year, freshly released this week:

Alongside this version of Badgey they've also released regular Happy and Angry versions. Isn't the happy one cute!

And there's more love for Lower Decks too, with the USS Cerritos joining FanSets' long running MicroFleet range, which celebrates the ships of Star Trek:

Not out just yet, but due later this month, they've also got a USS Cerritos bar logo pin on the way:

FanSets most extensive pin collection is the MicroCrew, which features stylised versions of characters from across the franchise. In an interesting and welcome move, the latest releases in this series FanSets have revisited a couple of characters they released early on, with much more realistic artwork, compared to their initially more cartoonish style. The first characters to get a revised look are TNG's Commander Riker, and Voyager's Seven of Nine (see my report from back in 2016 to compare the version one renditions), both out this week.

Last month the Picard MicroCrew got it's latest releases, with Picard himself, alongside Hugh:

And back in October the range filled in a couple of other characters, General Chang from The Undiscovered Country, and Bryce from Discovery:

Another increasingly large series from FanSets is the Women of Trek; slightly larger pins which each celebrate one of the female characters from across the franchise, with associated iconography (and glittery elements!). The newest releases from this series are Sylvia Tilly, released last month, and Hoshi Sato, who has been available since October:

FanSets also do a range of EpisodePins, each illustrating an episode. Having recently completed the Discovery season two collection, Picard season one is next in line, with the first episode, Remembrance, on it's way later this month. According to a tweet, Discovery season 3 will be along next year, no earlier than March.

And another forthcoming release is the Voyager 25th Anniversary Master Set, a framed collection of  pins commemorating Voyager's 25th anniversary with pins celebrating each of the series' main characters, USS Voyager, and the Delta Flyer, all forming the shape of a Voyager combadge. Plus a Voyager 25th anniversary emblem (which is also availably separately). This is currently up for pre-order, and expected to ship soon.

Finally from FanSets, some updates on further pins to come. They've recently announced they will be releasing pin-version of the Star Trek emojis that were created earlier this year. These will be released in three-pack in series release order, so TOS, TNG, and DS9; Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery; and Picard, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds.

There's also some news on their rapidly expanding Delta Collection. Joining that series will be the Wrath of Khan insignia badge, along with previously announced Discovery 32nd century tricombadges, Disco-Section 31, Strange New Worlds (aka Disco-Enterprise), All Good Things, and Kelvin deltas!

All these are getting triple releases, with full size versions with either pin or magnetic backs, and a mini pin version too! Deltas already released as pins; the Picard Starfleet, Discovery "classic", and Voyager, are all going to be getting magnetic and mini re-releases too. Here's a first look at the magnetic Picard pin:

Speaking of deltas, QMx are also back in the Trek game, with forthcoming re-releases of their extra shiny TNG and Voyager combadges, coupled with new mini-pin versions. Amazon are currently expecting these to arrive in March, and have revealed the new packaging:

In other pin news, Numskull's ever diversifying range of Star Trek stuff (following ducks and Christmas jumpers!), now includes the Pin Kings Star Trek collection, a series of pin two-packs featuring the retro poster designs of Juan Ortiz. 

Set one is Mirror, Mirror and The City on the Edge of Forever:

Set 2 is The Devil in the Dark and Space Seed:

Set 3 Arena and Balance of Terror:

And set 4, Whom Gods Destroy and A Piece of the Action:

And finally, Forbidden Planet's Originals range now includes an assortment of merchandise featuring the 32nd century Federation flag/emblem, including, you guessed it, a pin version

They also have a travel pass holder, mug, and men's and women's T-shirts:

For more pin updates, check back through my pins tag! And to check back through previous releases of each of the companies mentioned her have a look at the tags for FanSets, QMxNumskull, and Forbidden Planet.

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