Sunday 6 December 2020

Round 2 Models reveal brand new USS Voyager model kit, plus pre-built USS Enterprise and USS Discovery

Round 2 Models have lots of exciting upcoming releases, including a brand new USS Voyager model kit coming next year, and a new line of pre-built models, so far featuring the classic USS Enterprise, and the USS Discovery. Continue below for all the details of those, and more.

Round 2 Models recently did a YouTube product reveal for a couple of new kits coming in 2021, and one of those was a completely new 1:1000 scale USS Voyager! Check out the prototype:

UPDATE: Round 2 have also now posted a gallery of images on their Facebook page giving some additional views of the prototype. These are just a few of the many images they've shared:

Aside from this being a really detailed new kit, this is notable as Round 2 Model's first Voyager release.  There is an existing USS Voyager model kit available, Revell's larger 1:677 version(ad) (which you can compare in my coverage of the last reissue just last year), however that is only officially available on the European market, so this should also be something to celebrate for Voyager fans in North America.

At 1:1000 scale this new kit comes out at about 13.5 inches long. While there aren't plans for a lighting kit, it will have numerous transparent parts to enable DIY lighting, including obvious elements on the nacelles, the deflector dish, some of the larger windows on the saucer (such as the mess hall), and the photon torpedo launchers. 

It will also have moveable variable geometry warp nacelles, and the option of plug in landing gear, so you can display it having made a planetary landing - Or if not you can plug the sockets for the landing gear with hull plating parts to give the usual space-faring look.

Round 2 are aiming for this to be released in April/May-ish next year.

As part of the presentation, Round 2 Model's Jamie Hood also discussed other potential forthcoming Star Trek releases:
  • There is another as yet unknown new Star Trek model kit on the way for 2021.
  • An interior kit to pair with the recent Shuttlecraft Galileo(ad) is looking likely.
  • They're working on a new lighting kit for their 1:350 scale TOS USS Enterprise kit(ad), improving on elements from their previous lighting kit.
  • They were intending to do a larger 1:1000 scale version of the USS Discovery (having already done the ship at 1:2500(ad)), but the 32nd century refit gives them a conundrum; which Disco to do? And if they do the refit, should they offer that at 1:2500 too?
  • A reissue of the TOS bridge model kit(ad) is likely coming some time in 2021 or 2022.
  • They're considering doing a line of shuttlecraft model kits, all at the same scale.
  • They're thinking about the potential of a 1:1000 scale USS Enterprise-D, to match their growing range of 1:1000 scale kits(ad). This would be pretty big, so they're looking to gauge interest (let them know if you'd like it).

If you want a more extensive look at the new Voyager kit prototype, and Space 1999 kits also announced, check out the full announcement video:

Also coming next year is a pretty impressive pre-built 1:350 scale USS Enterprise display model(ad). This is a fully painted and mostly pre-assembled model; it comes in just five parts you slot together to complete it for display. Check her out:

I feel these images are a little disingenuous, as this is not a lit model. But if it otherwise shows off the detailing accurately, it looks pretty great. Plus it's a very substantial 32 inches long! It's due to ship sometime early-ish next year, and will set you back something in the region of $450. 

Obviously this is aimed at people who don't want to do the actual model making bit of model kits, and just have a nice ship to display - If you do want to make your own version, this is based on the previous 1:350 USS Enterprise model kit(ad), for which there are separate kits which can allow you to add lighting(ad), or alternate parts to make the pilot versions of the ship(ad).

This is actually Polar Light's second pre-built model in short order, following the 1:2500 scale USS Discovery(ad) (about 12 inches long), which was released in October. That model, which is completely assembled apart from the stand, has been offered in a neat view-through packaging; so if you didn't want to display it on it's stand it still looks pretty presentable in the box:

This too is of course the built version of the existing 1:2500 model kit(ad), if again you'd like to make your own.

That all today's updates; for previous model kit coverage, check back through my model kits tag.

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charonjr said...

Definite buys for me: 1/1000 kits of Voyager and Enterprise-D!!!! Pre-built Enterprise and Galileo would be very welcome.

Used to have the Masterpiece Replicas 1701-D Brass Enterprise. It was just over 27" and looked fantastic next to the Polar Lights 1701-B. Unfortunately, the MR 1701-D was stolen. And the only other one is on eBay for $25,000!

So, for me, yes! These are all much welcomed additions to my Star Trek collection. I usually buy 2-3 of each. One for storage, one for a practice build and one for The Build.

David in Tucson

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