Saturday 7 November 2020

New Star Trek Tridemensional Chess Set coming from The Noble Collection

The Noble Collection have revealed a new Star Trek Tridemensional Chess Set. Available for pre-order now, ahead of a December release, the set is a fairly faithful replica of the original prop seen in several episodes of The Original Series, complete with red toned acrylic boards, and distinctive designed black and white pieces. Continue below to check it out.

Here's the original prop for comparison, as seen in Charlie X (screencap care of TrekCore). Noble Collection's version is about 13 inches tall, with 1.5 inch tall pieces.

Tridemensional chess sets(ad) have previously been released by Franklin Mint, with a reissue available just a few years ago. Their version had blue boards and silver and gold plated pieces - I rather prefer this new classic black and white look, which also more accurately captures the distinctive shapes of the on-screen pieces.

Franklin Mint also released a (now much rarer) TNG tridimensional chess set. This is also blinged up compared to the on-screen version, and features two additional attack boards compared to the TOS version.

1 comment:

Pete Mwok said...

This was not designed for people who play the game, it is just something shiny for collectors.
The boards are unevenly offset and the lowest one by way too much, making playing the game much harder.
The accompanying rule book is scant to say the least and practically unplayable, I ended up finding some more official rules here:
For the money, I'd also expect better quality attack boards and certainly nothing as shoddily made as this.

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