Thursday 5 November 2020

Discovery 3x04 Forget Me Not previews, plus lots of Disco behind the scenes, cast photos, posters, and more!

This week's fourth episode Discovery season three is Forget Me Not, which sees the Disco crew visit the Trill. As ever CBS have released an assortment of previous for this episode. Continue below to check that out, along with loads of behind the scenes bits for last week's episode, new cast photos, fun posters, and more!

Here's the blurb and trailer for Forget Me Not (trailer also on if you prefer):

Burnham and Adira visit the Trill homeworld in hopes of unlocking the secrets trapped within Adira’s mind. Back on the U.S.S. Discovery, Saru’s efforts to help the crew reconnect with one another take a surprising turn.

And here are loads of preview images. This first batch focus on Adira and Burnham visiting the Trill:

Some sickbay antics:

And Saru's dinner party:

A clip from that last sequence has also been released via IGN:

And a further clip can be found at the end of the latest episode of The Ready Room. The episode includes a little behind the scenes featurettes on visiting Earth in last week episode, People of Earth, and is otherwise a bumper interview show, with guests director Jonathan Frakes, and writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt, and separately some geeking out with composer Jeff Russo. You can also watch this on, YouTube, or Facebook if you prefer.

This episode has already given us a huge amount of behind the scenes photos too. CBS released two sets, with a batch focused on the cast enjoying themselves, and another set following Frakes directing.

Jonathan Frakes also shared this image himself:

The writers have also been enthusiastically sharing images. These via Bo Yeon Kim's Instagram and Twitter:

Andd another selection from Erika Lippoldt's Instagram and Twitter too!

Actor Phumzile Sitole also shared some images from her time working on the episode, as did her make-up artist Faye Crasto:

And never shy of some attention, Grudge the cat shared some a moment from the make-up chair too!

Dipping back to the start of the season, has also done a little gallery looking at the motion graphic design, including these concepts for Book's ship's console, and signage in the Mercantile Exchange:

Looking back to last week's episode, here's the latest in the Logs which accompany each episode, via Instagram. This week Stamets muses on how the Burn might have happened:

And as ever there's a bunch of post-release extra images and clips too:

CBS have also released another collection of cast photos for the season, which include some nice clear shots of the yet to be seen on-screen future Starfleet insignia badge:

There's a bunch of new headshots too:

As with previous seasons, the series will be found on CBS All Access(ad) in the US, and Bell Media services in Canada, and Netflix in almost all of the rest of the world (barring a few countries where Netflix doesn't work). 

To keep track of all the latest Discovery news, have a look back through my Discovery tag, for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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