Saturday 25 August 2018

Eaglemoss starships updates: New previews of Discovery, XL, bonus, and more issues!

I've got a bumper collection of new Eaglemoss Starships Collection previews today, with dozens of new images of the latest Discovery ships, XL and bonus issues, the main series, and more!

First up, we've got lots of new images of the Nimitz class USS Europa, the fifth issue of the Discovery series, which is just starting to arrive with subscribers, and has also now been added to the US webshop, giving us these new previews of a nice little ship:

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Eaglemoss also recently solicited the sixth issue of the series, the Vulcan cruiser, giving us another new image (albeit one very similar to those previously released):

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One more bit of Discovery news today is that it appears the worker bee is going to be coming fairly soon in the collection! The preview section of the Europa magazine has it among the ships on the way (via The Sci-Fi Collective's review)

Meanwhile on the UK Eaglemoss shop there is a new listing for the next XL issue, the USS Reliant, giving several new images, and a 360 video, of that model, which is currently expected to arrive September/October:

The previous XL issue, the USS Enterprise-B is available now, and Eaglemoss have released loads of new images via the XL subscriber site and the US Eaglemoss webshop.

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At a smaller scale Eaglemoss recently released their latest bonus issue, the Rick Sternbach concept USS Voyager. Numerous new images of this model have been released too! Via the Hero Collector blog, US Eaglemoss webshop, and the UK one too!

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Additionally, Eaglemoss digital modeller Fabio Passaro has recently updated his website, with lots of new renderings of many of the ships in the collection, including these lovely shots of the concept Voyager:

Also new on Passaro's website are new renderings of the Kelvin timeline shuttles. These four designs are due to be released as the fourth shuttle set from Eaglemoss soon.

Moving on to the long running main series, the most recent two issues have been solicited recently. So here we have a new (but not final) image of the Cardassian Keldon class, and a cover mock-up. This will be issue 136, due first in the UK in October.

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Passaro has posted a bunch of renderings of this one too!

Before that we have an obscure Voyager ship, Dala's ship. The new image of this model is rather more flattering than those previously released!

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Skipping a few issues back, some of the most recent releases are now up on the Eaglemoss webshop, giving us yet more new images! Issue 131 is  Arctic One, and the new images look much nicer than the odd finish it had in the single previously released image.

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Before that we had the Borg Probe:

Purchase: Entertainment EarthForbidden PlanetEaglemoss (US).

And earlier still the 23rd century Tholian ship, which is a rather nice if simple model.

Purchase: Entertainment EarthForbidden PlanetEaglemoss (US).

Finally, a lovely person called Heather Ferris was good enough to record the ship design panel at the recent Star Trek Las Vegas convention and post it on Youtube. This panel brings together ship-related people from several different Star Trek licensees, for an interesting discussion on everything starships.

The little nugget of Eaglemoss news coming out of this is that series manager Ben Robinson mentioned they are trying to work out the legalities of getting Franz Joseph's classic Star Fleet Technical Manual ships into the collection - These are just edging into canon thanks to schematics appearing on monitors in the TOS movies, and would give the collection a much needed injection of new Starfleet designs (which they are fast running out of).

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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Benjamin said...

I’m a sucker for the Enterprise-B. I’m getting one.

Fox said...

Not sure how many DSC ships I'll be getting, but definitely the Europa. Deflector looks a little low-detail, but I really dig it's profile. Kinda like a suped-up Miranda class.

Speaking of, they really need to move along with that XL line to some of the ships that don't already have, or aren't likely to have, Diamond Select models. Can't really justify buying the XL Enterprises when I can (and already have) spend the same amount of money on something much bigger and just as accurate--if not moreso. Let's see an XL Akira! An XL Shuttlecraft--any of 'em. An XL Prometheus!

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