Saturday 18 August 2018

Star Trek Cats clothing and gadgets!

Star Trek Cats is turning into a bit of a sub-brand within Trek merchandise. Following the TOS and TNG Star Trek Cats books, Jenny Parks' feline illustrations have found themselves part of a calendar, offered as various accessories before, and now there's a bunch more stuff!

Available now is a range of Star Trek Cats T-shirts, featuring portraits of Cat-ptains Picard or Kirk, or the clever TNG cat logo:

UPDATE: I've found a Spock one too!

A couple of TNG patches where also offered at the San Diego Comic Con recently.

Those will of course be a bit hard to get hold of now. But fear not, as there's plenty more cat stuff! Captain Picard, as-cat, is now available as a popsocket phone accessory:

And there's an alarmingly large range of characters are available on gel phone cases from Head Case Designs. All the main TOS and TNG crew is available, and few secondary TNG characters too, plus cat-logos for both series, all ready to fit many different models of phone:

For a look back at all the Star Trek Cats range, see my Trek Collective List.

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