Friday 15 January 2016

Star Trek movies reissued on bluray and DVD

All the prime-timeline movies are returning to bluray and DVD, with bright new artwork. Due out in February the films will be split between TOS and TNG collections. Aside from the artwork, and being in thinner packaging than before, there is no indication of there being any other updates to these releases - So still no bluray edition of the director's cut of The Motion Picture, or any additional bonus material. In fact both sets omit the extra bonus material discs included in the 2009 TOS and TNG sets! But at least they look nice!

UPDATE: And here's the slipcase packaging, complete with fiftieth anniversary markings:


Sandy said...

The TOS set has the wrong Bird of Prey, that's the one from Enterprise

Unknown said...

Came here for this comment..not disappointed

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