Monday 4 January 2016

Trek your life: Shower curtain, snow globe, lunch tins, lights, decals, and more!

Here's a look at some of the latest creations designed to bring a little bit of Star Trek to every corner of your life, at home, and on the road. Continue below for the latest snow globes, lunch tines, lights, decals, and magnets.

But first, ThinkGeek have returned to the bathroom once more, with a new Enterprise-D shower curtain design. Their previous shower curtains have taken inspiration from Star Trek sets, but this time they've focused in on a different detail, with a lovely big reproduction of the blueprints for the USS Enterprise-D.

Moving to the mantelpiece, Westland Giftware have announced several new products on the way, including their first new Star Trek snow-globe in some time. This new design features a miniature TOS USS Enterprise in the center, with a sprinkling of glitter to rain down upon it. Typically when Westland add new items to their catalogue they start showing up at retailers several months later, so I'd expect to see this towards the middle of the year.

If you're itching to fill your display spaces, then The Coop are ready for you right now, with their new Teeny Tins collection. These miniature versions of the classic lunch tin, are a little over 8cm wide, but still fully functional, so you could store little trinkets (or a small snack!) inside them. They have released twelve different designs, half based on TOS, and the others featuring TNG designs.

Back at Westland Giftware, they also have a bunch of lights on the way. That includes two night-light designs; a resin rendition of the USS Enterprise, and another printed design with a jumble of TOS imagery:

They are also have three "lighted magnets", which I assume will be battery powered. These use the same light permeable printing material, with separate releases for prints of Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise. As with the snow-globe, I would expect all these new lights to start showing up towards the middle of the year.

Away from home, ThinkGeek continue to come up with more Star Trek stuff you can stick to your car, including this set of emblems in imply you are in fact commanding your own starship:

They have also grown their previous TOS family decal collection, with a second set, now featuring characters from TNG. Available are a range of the most prominent characters, including child versions of some of the main cast, plus a selection of pets, and evil aunts and uncles. You can even have your whole family assimilated by the Borg!

To keep up with all the latest Star Trek releases, visit my schedule page, where you'll find listings of all the latests homewares, clothing, toys, games, books, and more!

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Unknown said...

Look at the shower curtain, midway down on the left side: "Main Shutterbay". What is a shutterbay? Where is the quality control?!?

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