Thursday 14 January 2016

New soundtracks now available, and more on the way

The two recently announced soundtrack releases are now on sale. Mondo's vinyl version of the complete Wrath of Khan soundtrack, one of the most beautiful Star Trek products ever released, has gone live. This is a limited edition, although Mondo haven't said of how many; I'd snap one up while you can if you want one. They also posted the original interior art, from Matt Taylor, on Twitter, so you can see it without the fold line:

Meanwhile La La Land's Star Trek: The Next Generation Soundtrack Collection, Volume Two, is also available, and also a limited edition, this time of three-thousand units.

There is news of even more Star Trek soundtrack releases on the way! Posting on the Film Score Monthly Forums, founder Lukas Kendall confirmed not just the expected Voyager soundtrack collection, but also a 50th anniversary release, to feature fan requested tracks from multiple series:
Coming this spring/summer is the long-awaited 4CD Collection for Star Trek: Voyager...and then after that we have a "50th Anniversary" Star Trek collection that we're going to do a little differently...because we're TAKING REQUESTS!

This 50th Anniversary album (# of discs TBD) will have music from across the 50 years of the Star Trek franchise—including previously unreleased cues from TNG, DS9, VOY (beyond the upcoming album) and ENT.

This is not to say there may not be future volumes for DS9, ENT and the other shows, but for now, we are concentrating on this 50th Anniversary collection to present as much previously unreleased music as we can.

So...if you have favorite scores and/or cues, please list them here in this thread! Be as specific as you want from the episodes—give me Netflix timecode from the episodes and I will make sure to try to include the correct piece!
Kendall also teased at hopes for a TAS soundtrack release:
Folks, we are researching the Animated Series and hope to be able to release it in some form, at some time. That's all I can say—there are licensing as well as technical hurdles.

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Unknown said...

This is music to my ears! (I couldn't resist.) Great news. I'll start saving up.

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