Thursday 14 January 2016

Trek-wear: Amazing prints, cosy jumpers, sportswear, maternity, and more!

A bumper Trek-wear update for you today, with enough Star Trek inspired clothing to fill a wardrobe! That includes, jumpers and jackets, legging and socks, boots, sportswear, maternity wear, dresses, and more.

First up, these amazing kaleidoscope print designs, which are available from ThinkGeek. Both feature a TOS inspired print, made from images of the Enterprise and various icons, in a floral/firework style burst. A yellow toned version is used for a skirt, while a red-infused variant makes up the skirt of a dress.

Here's a closer look at the detail of the print design:

For a more obvious dose of Star Trek, but still pretty stylish, you might wish to turn to Mighty Fine, and their splendid USS Enterprise maxi dress, which is also available via ThinkGeek:

ThinkGeek also have some printed legging, featuring either the surface of a Borg Cube, or a Starfleet Academy styled computer:

The patterned trend continues, woven into the fabric of these socks, again from ThinkGeek, which come in a two-pack, with one pair featuring various Starfleet deltas, and the other just the command delta in an Argyle pattern. These are available as regular or knee-high socks:

If those socks are jut a bit too subtle for you, then Ugly Christmas Sweaters have the solution, with their Star Trek Ugly Christmas leggings, which are relentless in their Star Trek-ness, but not so specifically Christmasy that you couldn't wear them whenever you pleased.

If you are feeling the chill of winter, then Burlee Australia might have the solution, for your toes at least, with their sheep-skin boots, based on the TOS uniform, and available in all three TOS department colours via the Shop.

Keeping you warm up top ThinkGeek have TOS uniform styled fleeces available too, in all three department colours of course. They feature embroidered details: The phrase "To boldly go" on the back shoulder, and tiny phasers and tricorders on each of the sleeve thumb cuffs.

For a bit more glamour, there is this golden delta pullover from Her Universe, featuring the classic Starfleet emblem, made out of lots of tiny raised gold foil versions of itself:

If you prefer a TNG look, then ThinkGeek have another golden infused design, from Mighty Fine, a dolman cardigan, featuring the TNG delta.

Mighty Fine also have options from DS9/Voyager, with their uniform inspired sweaters, available in yellow, blue, and red department colours. There's a Wesley Crusher styled one too.

There are yet more uniform options from ThinkGeek, who are offering TNG uniform styled track jackets, again in all three department colours.

And if you're feeling active, ThinkGeek also have Starfleet Academy issue plus-sized yoga pants available.

Mighty Fine have also found a demand for yoga-wear, from 23rd century Starfleet officers, so have delivered a complete outfit, with TOS uniform styled yoga tank tops in yellow, blue, and red, and matching shorts, in the same delta print fabric used on the side panels of the tops.

If you are currently functioning as the personal transport for a parasitic organism (aka pregnant), then ThinkGeek have options for you too, with two different maternity shirts. You can either boldly claim to have a future Starfleet captain on board, or attempt a mind meld with the baby with the handy hand-placement guides on a Spock-style shirt:

If you're just looking for comfort, then ThinkGeek also have a couple of different lounge pant designs, either Starfleet Academy or Enterprise-D prints.

And if you're feeling sleepy, then there are also sleep shirts, featuring either the classic USS Enterprise, or icons of the Borg (sleep tight, don't like the nanoprobes bite):

Finally, more uniforms, in the smallest format, with ThinkGeek's TNG uniform styled panties. These have boldly come and gone already, as ThinkGeek are currently out of tock, but if they ever return, they come in a pack of three, one pair for each department colour.

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