Friday 8 January 2016

New TNG soundtrack collection, plus Wrath of Khan vinyl

La La Land Records have announced the long awaited second volume of their Star Trek: The Next Generation soundtrack collection. The new three-disc release follows a similar arrangement to the volume one release (from way back in 2011!), with a wide variety of episodes featured, divided up by composer. Disc one features the work of Dennis McCarthy (plus the opening titles music), disc two is dedicated to Jay Chattaway, and disc three is nominally others, but is actually mostly McCarthy music again, save for one episode (six tracks) by George Romanis, and the closing title music. Continue below for a full track listing, and news of another new soundtrack release.

Disc One: Music by Dennis McCarthy
  • 1. Star Trek: The Next Generation main title (2nd season), music by Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith, arranged by Dennis McCarthy
  • 2 – 6. The Last Outpost
  • 7 – 10. Home Soil
  • 11 – 12. Pen Pals
  • 13 – 14. Peak Performance
  • 15. Family
  • 16. The Wounded
  • 17 – 21. Cause and Effect
  • 22. Schisms
  • 23. Lessons
Disc Two: Music by Jay Chattaway
  • 1 – 2. In Theory
  • 3. The Game
  • 4 – 8. Power Play
  • 9. True Q
  • 10 – 11. Chain of Command
  • 12. Lessons
  • 13. Frame of Mind
  • 14 – 15. Gambit
  • 16 – 17. Emergence
  • 18 – 19. Preemptive Strike
  • 20. bonus track from Gambit, Part 1
Disc Three: Unfinished Business (all by Dennis McCarthy unless otherwise noted)
  • 1 – 6. Too Short a Season, music by George Romanis
  • 7 – 10. Hide and Q 
  • 11 – 14. Conspiracy 
  • 15 – 17. The Survivors 
  • 18. The Child
  • 19. Star Trek: The Next Generation end title (3rd season, short version), music by Jerry Goldsmith, arranged by Dennis McCarthy
All three discs add up to a running time of a little under four hours (3:48:41 to be precise). The collection will be a limited edition of three-thousand units, and will be available from La La Lands' website from the 12th of January. Additionally the first two-hundred or so orders will get a copy signed by Dennis McCarthy.

In addition to the earlier TNG collection, La La Land have also previously produced soundtrack collections from DS9 and Enterprise. It has been suggested previously that they still have plans for a Voyager collection, as well as a second volume of music from Enterprise.

Meanwhile, Mondo are also at work on at least one Star Trek soundtrack release: Teased on Twitter is what appears to be a new vinyl edition of the The Wrath of Khan soundtrack, to be released on a luscious Mutara Nebula inspired disc! No other information on this one yet, but I'm sure we can look forward to some nice cover art to accompany it, as is typical of Mondo's impressive releases.


Fox said...

Did the big anti-original music thing hit Trek during TNG's run, or after? I remember by DS9 and VOY (and ENT) they just re-used the same generic music for every episode.

Unknown said...

The 'wallpaper' music lasted about three years, in my opinion, with TNG's last three seasons (5-7) overlapped with DS9's first two.

By Season Three of DS9, they went from two composers (McCarthy and Chattaway) to four (adding Bell and Baillargeon), so the compositions took on much more varied tones from week to week. There's a lot of memorable music from that period! (The Visitor, Dominion War episodes, and various 'comedy' episodes like Our Man Bashir, Badda-bing, Badda-bang, etc.)

Voyager's scores got better later in the game, as well, which is why I REALLY wish this was a Voyager release! The music to Scorpion, Year of Hell, Timeless, Dark Frontier, Blink of an Eye ... so much goodness. Really want that! They've released a set for all the other series ... not sure we needed more TNG over Voyager.

As for Enterprise, I think it had dynamic music from the get-go. They were on a five-composer rotation (with Velton Ray Bunch added in), and the scores felt more punch-y and noticeable. The Enterprise soundtrack collection is great, and they left out some good material (no Azati Prime or The Forgotten or The Forge, I don't think).

I'll be passing on this release, but I hope we see more in the future.

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