Wednesday 4 December 2013

Attack Wing expansion ships, wave 2 and beyond

Out this month is wave two of Wizkids' expansions for the Attack Wing miniatures game. Each of the four packs in the wave consists of one miniature ship, and a set of related cards to modify your game play. The four ships in this wave are the USS Excelsior (Federation Excelsior class), IKS Koraga (Klingon K'Vort class bird of prey), RIS Vo (Romulan scout ship), and the Koranak (Cardassian Keldon class). Here's what they look like all packaged up:

Wizkids have previewed each of the ships, including details of all the included cards. You can find out all about them here: Excelsior, Koraga, Vo, and Koranak. UPDATE: Board Game Geek have also posted the images below, showing the full contents of each expansion:

These four new ships join the initial starter set and wave of eight individual ships, and the previous expansion wave of four. At least three more waves are planned for release next year. As I've previously reported, wave three, due in February will consist of the USS Equinox (Federation Nova class), IKS Somraw (Klingon Raptor class), Gal Gaththong (Romulan bird of prey), and the Dominion: 4th Division Battleship.

After this, wave four, expected in April, will be Voyager themed, including the USS Voyager (Federation Intrepid class), Species 8472 Bioship Alpha, a Kazon Nistrim Raider, and Borg Sphere 4270. I found the computer rendered images of these on Hobby Figure's Facebook page:

Wave five has also been solicited already! Devir posted details of this set of ships, which are due out in June. There will be just three this time: A Bajoran Interceptor, Vulcan D'kyr class, and a big Borg Tactical Cube:

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