Friday 20 December 2013

A better look at the new Star Trek dog accessories

ThinkGeek have added several of Crowded Coops' new Star Trek dog toys and accessories to their offering, which means they've also done some typically good photography to show off their wares; giving us a much better look at them than the mock-up images that have been circulated until now.

Top prize for ingenuity goes to the communicator bag dispenser, and ingenious if rather peculiar reinterpretation of the design:

There are also plush dog toys, with the option to set your hound on either a red shirt or a Klingon. It would seem dog owners prefer dealing out death duty to Starfleet security (or are worried about provoking the Klingons), as ThinkGeek have temporarily sold out of the red shirt one already:

ThinkGeek have also made a video showing these guys in action:

Continue after the jump for a look at some of the other items in the range:

There are Starfleet uniform style leashes and collars:

And a highly illogical Spock hoodie for your dog:

All of the above are available from ThinkGeek, although that's only part of Crowded Coop Star Trek dog range - You can see even more on Entertainment Earth, who have bowls and beds, and more designs for dog clothes, collars, and leashes.

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