Friday 6 December 2013

New Hot Wheels Star Trek cars

Hot Wheels will be continuing to release Star Trek toys in 2014, but maybe not in the form you expected. Star Trek themed cars will be included in Hot Wheels' "Pop Culture" range next year. Designs based on Star Trek Gold Key Comics will be joining the electric collection of Hot Wheels cars featuring artwork from popular films, TV series, comics and food brands. T-Hunted (in two articles, here and here) have posted images of six different Star Trek designs, each focusing on a different TOS character. You can see all six below, continuing after the jump:

Hot Wheels will be releasing at least one model starship next year, a reissue of the smaller scale nuEnterprise released this year. No news yet of any more of their larger starships coming.

My thanks to reader Darth Duranium, for pointing me towards this news.

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