Wednesday 11 December 2013

Anovos' new Enterprise jacket

Anovos, who usually busy themselves making high-end replica uniforms, have got a bit creative with their latest piece, the Star Trek: Enterprise Archer Flight Jacket. Based on the Enterprise uniforms, it also draws inspiration specifically from the flashback episode, First Flight; with several mission patches, and a lining in the same yellow fabric as the flight-suits in that episode.

Anovos were advised on the design by Mike and Denise Okuda, and Doug Drexler, and have been providing a bit a commentary on how they came up with it via posts on their Facebook page:
Watching the episode it occurred to us that every pilot has a flight jacket… what would a Starfleet uniform flight jacket look like? So we designed one just to answer that question. Based on USAF and NASA uniform guidelines for their flight jackets, we designed our jacket to complement Robert Blackman’s original Starfleet uniform designs for STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE.
Our jacket is the same color of dark blue used in the first two seasons of ENTERPRISE, and we ensured that the inside liner of the jacket would be the same “rescue” yellow gold color as the flight suits worn in the episode “First Flight”.

We also tried to make the jacket feel as “real” as we could. We felt that if we made it, the jacket should tell a story about Jonathan Archer. With that in mind, we remembered that a pilot’s flight jacket is a living breathing thing that changes with their career. Assignments change, missions change, and a flight jacket should be a reflection of that, and so moved the Starfleet Command patch from the left arm (where it was in “First Flight”) to the right and we added an ENTERPRISE assignment patch. Jonathan Archer would have kept his jacket current and after assuming command of the ENTERPRISE NX-01 he would have added his ship’s mission patch. All of these details and more were designed to help make this jacket feel like something that could have come directly from the set of ENTERPRISE.

Anovos have been taking pre-orders via a tiered system, that had early pre-orders getting a very generous price. Unfortunately if you'd like one, the first two tiers have already sold out, so it's now down to the final group of pre-orders at a slightly reduced price from the full standard retail price.

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rocketdave said...

Even though I wasn't a big fan of Enterprise, I dearly wish I had money to blow on one of those jackets.

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