Thursday 31 October 2013

Tease for John Byrne's second photo comic

John Byrne has released a teaser image (on his forum) for his second photo-comic, which will be titled The Mirror, Cracked, and appears to feature an incursion by mirror-Kirk into the prime universe *dun dun duuunn!*

IDW are sufficiently confident at how well the first photo-comic, Strange New Worlds, will do, when it is released as IDW's first Star Trek Annual in December, that this page will be used as the inside backcover of that book.

Byrne also spoke at little about the format for the next story in an interview with Comic Shop News, which IDW posted:
Chris and I have been talking about a second story, this time possibly to be done as two regular sized issues. If nothing else, that will give us the necessary page count for a trade paperback release! But, quite frankly, if Chris asked me to do this as an ongoing monthly, I think I'd be game for it.
The interview also talked a little bit about the development of the first photo-comic, which you might be familiar with from my previous coverage, or if you've been following the project unfold on Byrne's forum. IDW recently released samples pages from that book, which you can find in another of my previous reports.

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