Sunday 20 October 2013

IDW's January releases, and other Star Trek comics news

IDW have released their solicitations for January releases, which include two new Star Trek titles:

Star Trek (ongoing) #29
Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Yasmin Liang, and a cover by Cat Staggs, or a subscription variant photo-cover.
The all-new Five Year Mission of the Enterprise continues as Captain Jane Tiberius Kirk and her crew encounter a never-before-seen enemy in deep space! Wait... Jane Kirk? What's going on?! All will be revealed in the first chapter of this new two-part story overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

WildStorm's Jane T. Kirk
This looks and sounds fun! Some sort of character twisting plot, perhaps in a similar vein to TOS classics such as Mirror, Mirror and The Enemy Within. Believe it or not this isn't the first time Jane T. Kirk has popped up! A supposed alternate universe female version of Kirk also appeared briefly in WildStorm's TOS comic All of Me.

The above art-only version of Cat Staggs' brilliant cover for this issue was posted by Staggs on her DeviantART account. For more behind the scenes comics stuff, you might also like to check out David Messina's blog, where you can find pages of his art, sans-text, from the first issue of the new Khan prequel series. Speaking of which, the other comic out in January:

Khan #4
Written by Mike Johnson, with art by David Messina, and cover by Paul Shipper, or a subscription variant cover by David Messina.
The Eugenics Wars are over... but the next chapter in the life of Khan Noonien Singh has just begun! Only in this all-new mini-eries are the secrets of Khan's revival in the future by Admiral Marcus and the agents of Section 31 finally revealed! Don't miss this exclusive tie-in to the blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness, overseen by the film's writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Praxis? The wreck of a Klingon moon seen in Into Darkness.
The cover for this one has me intrigued, the thought that immediately leapt into my mind is that the exploding planet might be Praxis. If so, hopefully the comic might shed some light on it's premature destruction, as seen in Into Darkness, and maybe Khan's involvement while spying on the Klingons for Section 31, as partially described in the leaked Starfleet document which was part of the viral campaign around the release of the film (or maybe it's nothing to do with any of that!):

Looking further ahead than January, John Byrne has been continuing to post updates on his forum from his work on follow-ups to his forthcoming Star Trek photo-comic. He apparently has ideas for as many as three more stories in the format, and has also started to work on virtual sets, to expand the possible locations he can use. Here's his design for a Klingon bridge:

You can read back through the evolution of this design, and the entire photo-comic project, on Byrne Robotics.

UPDATE: A little bit more comics news, in the form of the latest omnibuses to be listed on Amazon. Coming in March will be Star Trek Volume 7, the latest omnibus from the nuTrek ongoing series, which will most likely contain the current four part Klingon-Romulan war story, The Khitomer Conflict.

Amazon also list a new endeavour from IDW: Coming in April will be Gold Key Archives Volume 1. The description for the omnibus states they will be presented "fully remastered and under a new throwback cover". It will also be a hardcover release.

I wonder how far along this series will get; the previous Enterprise Logs and Key Collection reprints of the Gold Key comics never quite got through the entire run. This new collection will be going at a slower pace than the previous series too, with six issues in volume one, compared to the eight issues a book in the older reprints.

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