Thursday 24 October 2013

Latest Star Trek curiosities

Here's a look at the latest of the more unusual Star Trek products. Starting with the most recent every-day item to find itself reformed into the shape of the USS Enterprise. Available now from the store is the USS Enterprise divot tool. I know nothing about golf, but looking at normal divot tools it appears the Enterprise is already the perfect shape for the job, so an ideal match! What a shame the USS Enterprise putter is no longer available, to give you a more complete Star Trek golf experience.

ThinkGeek's ongoing efforts to infuse Star Trek into every part of your home has now moved to the bathroom, with their new transporter room shower curtain and bathroom mat combo:

For a slightly subtler infusion of Star Trek into your life, have added a couple of new designs to their Star Trek cuff-links range. Available now are the magnificently detailed TOS communicator cuff-links, and a duel "live long and prosper"/Starfeet delta design: have also added a couple of money clips to their range, with either a TOS or TNG delta design. These match their previously released delta cuff-links and tie-clips, which means they've also been able to cunningly combine them into matching gift sets.

Back at ThinkGeek, they have also recently made available QMx's "Ode to Spot" print, by Jonathan England. QMx previewed this a few months ago, and it's now apparently ended up being an ThinkGeek exclusive:

And finally, the new Star Trek pin ball machine is now available to order from Entertainment Earth. If you fancy one you might want to brace yourself though, as they've categorised it as "Really Cool Expensive Stuff"! (More details of these in my previous report)

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