Thursday 3 October 2013

Lots of socks, and an imaginary T-shirt

Fear not, I've not gone crazy, the title refers simply to the latest Trek stuff from the ever-varied offerings of ThinkGeek. Their TOS mens socks have been available for some time now, but the pressures of equality have finally prevailed, so now ThinkGeek are offering a TOS uniform style sock for ladies too:

And there are more! For men and woman alike, they've applied the same idea to the TNG uniform, to create even more Star Trek socks!

In other ThinkGeek news, they have teamed up with Her Universe to launch a Star Trek T-shirt design competition, called Make It Sew. So any Trekkie-artists should have a look at the page detailing that, for a chance to make an official Her Universe Star Trek T-shirt design.

Star Trek

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