Friday 21 December 2012

Countdown to Darkness covers

Amazon have updated their listing for the Countdown to Darkness omnibus, with a cover featuring the artwork from the first issue:

I imagine that this will not be the final cover, as the covers for the series so far all show a quarter of a Starfleet insignia, so I imagine the actual final cover will present all four covers, giving us the full insignia image (much like the covers for Countdown, Nero, and the movie adaptation did). Something like my mock-up here, which optimistic guesses the fourth cover will feature John Harrison (and thus that the series will shed some light on who he is):

Unless IDW and Bad Robot are very mean, we only have a month until the next solicitations reveals who is actually on the final cover.

Meanwhile, David Messina has released the artwork for the recently revealed third issue, featuring Spock. Here is the cover without titles:

You can also see it pre-colouring, on David Messina's blog.

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