Thursday 13 December 2012

Books updates

Lots of book bits to share: Starting with the first look at the cover for Tony Daniel's first Star Trek novel, Devil's Bargain, which is set to feature the Horta in a TOS adventure. Sadly there are no Horta on the cover, just a lot of Spock - But not bad for a head cover (via

Another of next year's TOS books, William Leisner's The Shock of Adversity, has a new blurb, added to its listing on Simon and Schuster's online catalogue:
Located far beyond the boundaries of explored space, the Goeg Domain is a political union of dozens of planets and races. When the U.S.S. Enterprise arrives in its territory to investigate an interstellar phenomenon, Commander Laspas of the Domain Defense Corps is at first guarded, then fascinated to discover the existence of an alliance of worlds much like his own, and finds a kindred spirit in Captain James T. Kirk. And when the Enterprise is attacked by the Domain’s enemies, crippling the starship’s warp capability and leaving its crew facing the prospect of a slow, months-long journey home, the Goeg leader volunteers the help of his own ship, offering to combine the resources of both vessels to bring the Enterprise to a nearby Domain facility to make the necessary repairs.

But what at first seems to be an act of peace and friendship soon turns out to be a devil’s bargain, as Kirk and the Enterprise crew learn that there are perhaps more differences than similarities between the Federation and the Domain. When the Goeg’s adversaries strike again, the Enterprise is drawn deeper and inexorably into the conflict, and Kirk begins to realize that they may have allied themselves with the wrong side…

Later in 2013, the TOS block gives way to the five-part TNG-era crossover series, The Fall. So far we know David R George III is starting the series with a DS9 novel, Revelations and Dust, and that both Dayton Ward and David Mack are also contributing books to the series. Now James Swallow has also announced his involvement, with a Titan book on the way -Which pleases me no end, as his previous Titan novel, Synthesis, was one of the best in the series.

A bit less far away, listings have popped up lately for three new ebook omnibuses, all coming in January:

Finally the second episode of TrekFM's new Literary Treks podcast is available for listening now. This time they talked to Kirsten Beyer about her Voyager relaunch books. She talked extensively about how she has developed the series, so if you're a fan it's well worth a listen (and if you're not a fan, what's wrong with you?). She also reconfirmed that her next book wont be getting to us until early 2014.

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