Tuesday 18 December 2012

Second Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

Paramount has released the second trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Have a watch:

This time Admiral Pike gives us a voice over (with a short bit from John Harrison later). While not as chilling and mesmerising as Cumberbatch's voice, it does perhaps give us an idea of the ground that will be explored with Kirk:
There is greatness in you. But there is not an ounce of humility. You think you can’t make mistakes. But there is going to come a moment when you realize you are wrong about that. And you are going to get yourself, and everyone under your command killed.
Screencaps, shall we begin? There's a fair amount of stuff from the first trailer in this new one, but also lots of new things (and indeed lots of clips haven't reappeared). Most exciting for me, is new ships! There's this small one, which Kirk seems to be shooting at earlier in the trailer (note the Motion Picture style Starfleet insignia on his uniform, neat):


There's also this fighter sort of thing, that doesn't look very Starfleet, chasing a saucer or ring shaped ship that looks more Federation, through, somewhere:

And of course the Enterprise is back, though she doesn't look to healthy; look at her poor deflector dish!:

Beyond ships, the most intriguing shot in the trailer has to be this room full of pods. Cryogenic pods maybe? That would certainly play into any sort of tie with Khan and his followers in suspended animation, or even a new take on Eugenics Wars leftovers, like the story arc in Enterprise. Or it could be totally different, we know there's some sort of medical plot introduced early in the film from the IMAX preview. Or it might not be cryogenics at all of course. Also, maybe my mind is playing tricks, but is there a slight sepia tint to this shot? Maybe indicating a flashback?

Another interesting new scene shows us Spock jumping from the top of a building. Maybe part of the urban chase sequence seen in the first trailer:


Also in a city, we have what looks like John Harrison watching an explosion below him. Maybe up to his terroristy tricks?

We also see a Federation flag being folded, perhaps part of the gathering (memorial?) seen in the first trailer:

Back in space, Kirk is zipping around in a spacesuit, in a shot very much like one seen in the first trailer for the forthcoming Star Trek video game. His suit looks badly damaged in another shot:

Meanwhile inside the Enterprise we see the bridge and corridors empty, and the same sort of slow roaming camera shot later on when we see John Harrison in the brig. Has he been left alone on the abandoned Enterprise?


We are also introduced to a new character, dropping a Starfleet Academy ring into a glass of water:

And just so we know all our favourites are back, there are various shots of the regular crew, looking concerned, running, falling into massive spaces and, well, mostly looking concerned; I guess because Kirk is due to get them all killed if Pike is accurate...:

In other Into Darkness news, Cinema Blend has an article looking behind the scenes at the design, special effects and music of the film; here's prop master Andy Siegel talking about tweaks to the designs of some of the props in the film:
They already reinvented a lot of the stuff for the first movie, so you don’t want to go too far afield of that because they did a great job. The reinvention of the phaser was really terrific – we just tried to do what I would do if I had a second chance at anything. ‘Oh, what kind of refinements can you make?’ You get a new iPhone every year, you get a new tape recorder every year, so we kind of did that... With communicators I put the mesh back on because that’s sort of a nod to the old communicator.
The article also reveals the Starfleet delta badges have been tweaked a little, and now incorporate rank insignia somehow. It also discusses the design of the new Klingons, 23rd century London, and the films soundtrack. Have a read.

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