Wednesday 12 December 2012

Oh no! Not John Harrison!?

Paramount have finally revealed the name of Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek Into Darkness villain. And that name is *drumroll*... John Harrison! Here he is hanging out with the Enterprise gang in the maybe-brig, in the latest image from Into Darkness:

Name not ringing a bell? Well have joined the dots up to a TOS extra, Harrison. If there is any relationship to that character I'm sure it's pretty limited; it would have to be considering there is basically nothing to build on! TrekMovie, reporting from a press event at Bad Robot, are quite adamant this isn't a ruse, and this is what the character is called in the film, rather than a place holder.

Other news coming from TrekMovie at that event include the identity of Alice Eve's female Starfleet character, who turns out to be Carol Marcus!

The Klingon planet seen in the trailer is apparently Qo'noS

Keenser will also be back for the sequel. Check out TrekMovie's report for a few more titbits.

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