Friday 15 July 2011

STO: Enterprise-F and Season 4

The Star Trek Online developer blog has been updated with the next stage in the design process of the Enterprise-F, this time giving us views of the draft in-game model:

Star Trek Online has also launched its next major update, Season Four: Crossfire. The main features of this update are a new ground combat mode, a new version of Qo'noS, and increased Borg activity, apparently a prelude to invasion!


Jason said...

The Enterprise-F looks okay from the top and behind, but from the front..oh man...It looks like the Secondary hull is wearing a futuristic bicycle helmet, preparatory for boarding the short bus. Sometimes designers try too hard.

8of5 said...

Hmm, the front view is my favourite, as you can see its unique duel neck thing. From the other views it looks too much like a Nova/Sovereign hybrid, and the gap between the saucer and secondary hull is all but invisible.

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