Friday 1 July 2011

IDW: Infestation II, and Ongoing

In a Comic Book Resources interview Chris Ryall has revealed IDW are working on a sequel Infestation event for release in early 2012. No word yet which licenses will be involved (so whether or not Star Trek will play a part again) but he did comment on the increased level of crossover to come next time:

The last one, we kind of stayed away from the crossover part, but this one there is actually going to be interaction between different licensed characters and other characters we’ve pulled from different places. It’s not really anything I can go into detail, it’s going to take a lot of coordinating. But when we do this thing, it’s like all sequels, it has to be bigger and better, involve more characters and a bigger story. There will be a lot more interaction between characters people might never expect to see interacting.

He also commented on the recently announced Star Trek ongoing series:

“Star Trek,” we announced last week, we’re finally going to be doing some new movie-related “Star Trek” properties which are tied in closely with the filmmakers, which are plotted and pushed forward through [Executive Producers Alex] Kurtzman and [Roberto] Orci. It’s nice to be able to do the first stories to take place after the movie. We’re able to tell those kind of new stories, and I love the fact that the filmmakers are involved, too, because then we’re able to avoid things like--I always default back to the “Star Wars” comics from Marvel, where Han Solo was running around with Jaxxon, the Giant Green Rabbit. That had nothing to do with any of the other movies, and the second movie came along and kind of invalidated all that. Doing this in tandem with the filmmakers, you can really tell stories that fill the gap and are viable, canon projects that give give people the Star Trek movie universe before the next movie comes out.

Comics Continuum meanwhile have released images two of the photocovers for the first issue of the ongoing series:

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