Monday 4 July 2011

Behind the scenes on Ships of the Line 2012

As has become an annual feature, Doug Drexler has updated his blog with generous behind the scenes coverage of the images going into the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar. A few highlights below (titles link to individual articles on the Drex Files):

Ambassador Class Sea Trials
Tobias Richter takes us through how he worked with Andrew Probert to bring the original concept sketch for the Ambassador class to life, complete with lots of nice alternative views, like this one:

The Terminal Descent Of Allegiance
D.M. Pheonix explains how this image is a reworking of something he did back in 2003, featuring his own design, the USS Allegiance, a hybrid of the Galaxy and Sovereign classes.

Reflections After Probert
Craig Frey explains how he reworked another existing piece and another piece after Andrew Probert, and how it ended up as the cover.

Whatever this thing is, it’s big
Douglas Graves explains the inspiration behind his take on Tomorrow is Yesterday

U.S.S. Planck – Shakedown
Mark Rademaker walks us through the design of his new Merian class USS Planck.

Reprovisioning At Sea
Dan Uyeno explains how he developed his resupply scene, and shows us the details of the new ships he created for it.

Technical Briefing
And finally a teasing resolution look at the second technical briefing center fold (another annual event from now on I hope!).

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