Friday 26 February 2010

Coming soon from Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios have released a "state of the game" report for Star Trek Online, mostly covering technical things of MMO terminology that goes right over my head. But the proper Trek bit I care about is hints of things to come, after the first update coming soon (presumably the very Borgy one announced not so long ago) they list the following as plans for the next 6-12 months:

-Who are the Undine and what drives them?
-How can they better exploit the Genesis System to create even more compelling content?
-Where can they boldly go next? Where shall they take exploratory missions, as there's so much potential there?
-Which faction should be playable next? Romulan? Cardassian? Pakled? Dominion? Horta?
-Ship interiors, more bridges, crew quarters, First Officers, and Fleet advancement...

UPDATE: Talking of the first update, massively has a run down fo the first few. Lots of Borg, and a few augments!

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