Tuesday 2 February 2010

And then Ships of the Line went and got even better

The Ships of the Line calendar is already one of my favourite Star Trek products, and I swear the images in it get better every year. So I might think how could it get any better? Well, this is how: On his blog Doug Drexler has revealed next year's calendar will feature a centerfold technical briefing sort of thing, with profiles of the calendar's new NX-class refit, and the old Enterprise ringship, as modelled by Mark Rademaker. Text on the page will be supplied by Mike Okuda. Here's the layout for the page at its current state of development:Now, just expand this into a book please...

1 comment:

Josh said...

I agree. It is probably the best calendar line that they have put out since the beginning way back in 1976. I've gotten one every year since. SoL artwork is outstanding but as a calendar - useless. :)

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