Tuesday 16 December 2008

New Manga covers

Looksie what I found on Amazon, best Trek-manga cover so far?:

Looks like Tokyopop's first TNG Manga book will be titled, Boukenshin. UPDATE: Missed it first time, there's a little blurb too:
Helps to discover how Wesley learns to have compassion for others, how the Enterprise deals with a mysterious disease that wipes out half an archeological expedition, and if Picard will survive an internal coup.

Also to be found on Tokyopop's site, it the cover for the TOS Manga omnibus book.

Which seems to have dropped its title Kanzenban. Tokyopop describe thusly:
Embark on the Ultimate Adventure with the original crew of the Starship Enterprise... Selected by the fans themselves, this collection features only the very best stories from the first three volumes of the Star Trek manga anthology series. Among them, tales written by such Star Trek luminaries as David Gerrold, writer of the classic episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" and Wil Wheaton, (aka Wesley Crusher) from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. Plus, a 28 page sneak preview of the story "Sensation" from the upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation manga! Also included in this volume--16 previously black-and-white pages now in brilliant full color, as well as a pull-out poster featuring the amazing cover art of Michael Kelleher!

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